Defending a DWI

If you are charged with a first DWI, you will probably be offered probation if you plead
guilty. But a conviction for driving while intoxicated causes all sorts of problems apart from the
sentence imposed by the court. Your insurance costs go up substantially. You are subject to
surcharges to get your driver’s license renewed. A DWI conviction, although it’s only a
misdemeanor, can sometimes cost you a job.
So you need a lawyer who has dealt with this before to discover whatever evidence the
prosecutors have and then to go over that evidence with you so that you can decide whether you
want to plead guilty or whether you want to take your case to trial. If you want to try your case,
then you need a lawyer with courtroom experience who is willing to stand up for you and fight
for a “not guilty” verdict. We are here to help you make the best decision.
Of course a second DWI charge will subject you to all the problems discussed above, and
will, if you plead guilty, probably require you to serve some jail time. A third DWI is a felony,
and a felony conviction causes an entirely different level of bad consequences. We have
defended people charged with second and third (and even fourth and fifth) DWI’s. You can deal
with second or third DWI charges, but you need a lawyer who you can work with and who will
let you know what your options are, and is willing to stand by you through a trial if necessary.